South West Denmark

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Slotsgaden 19, Møgeltønder
DK-6270 Tønder
Tel.: +45 7372 6400

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Oysters for New Year.

This oyster trip brings you close to life in the Wadden Sea and makes sure that you can present fresh oyster at your New Year party. Join us when we make our way over the muddy and soft seabed at love tide and approximately 300 meters from the coast line visit the oyster bank with plenty of delicious oysters. When you have filled your bucket we welcome the New Year by having a tasting and you will hear the fascinating history of the Wadden Sea oysters that used to belong to the Danish king and was an export item of great value. . Organizer Sort Safari. Read more.

Wednesday 30 December 2020, 7.30 am.Entré: Voksne 185 kr, børn 120 kr

P-pladsen, Stormkaj 9, Havneby, Rømø

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