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Oyster Safari.

Sat 23 February 2019, 8.30 am.(Entrance fee: 285,-)

Vadehavscentret, Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, Ribe

The little oyster trip.

For this oyster trip we will walk around 4 km, so everyone from 8 years and older can join. We will meet at the Wadden Sea Center for a short introduction before the tour begins. The nature interpreter decides on the best location for the day, depending on the weather and water level. After the introduction, we will drive in our own cars to the starting point. We walk over the mudflats to an area with oysters. Here, we can collect and taste the oysters. On our journey, we look for birds and benthic animals and enjoy the unique landscape. The nature interpreter tells a story or two about the things we pass by..

Sat 23 February 2019, 9.30 am.(Entrance fee: Voksne: 285,- / Børn: 145,-)

Vadehavscentret, Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, Ribe

Oyster- and Musselsafari.

Join us when we make our way over the muddy and soft sea bed at low tide and approximately 300 meters from the coastline visit the oyster bank with plenty of delicious oysters. On this tour we also focus on other specialties from the Wadden Sea as sand gaper, blue mussels and common cockle. We will also give you some information about how you can cook oysters and mussels. . Organizer Sort Safari.

Sat 23 February 2019, 9.30 am.(Entrance fee: voksne 175 dkk, børn 120 dkk)

P-pladsen, Stormkaj 9, Havneby, Rømø

Oyster Safari.

Experience the boundless open spaces and tough nature in more than one sense. A demanding trip where you almost feel like you are at the World's End.The oyster safari is an experience of its own kind. We are out where the tide water controls us and the sky and sea meets. On the mussel banks there are oysters everywhere. The birds, the wind, the water and the one-of-a-kind landscape creates a unique atmosphere. The trip starts at the Wadden Sea Centre, where the nature interpreter tells about the oysters and gives an introduction to the trip. When everyone is equipped with waders we will drive to the dike in our own cars. From here we hike across the mudflats to the oyster banks. The trip requires that you are in good physical shape and surefooted - in return you get an extraordinary oyster trip and Wadden Sea National park experience like no other. IMPORTANT:The trip requires you to be in normal to good shape. To get to the oyster banks we walk 8 km in waders and a part of the hike can be in waist-deep water. Therefore the trip is not recommended for children and elderly people. Participants should be at least 150 cm tall and be able to walk 10 km.The trip may be cancelled up to one day before due to bad weather..

Sun 24 February 2019, 9 am.(Entrance fee: 285,-)

Vadehavscentret, Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, Ribe

LinkedIn & Networking for Jobseekers.

The seminar will take place in English. sign up ahead to

Thur 28 February 2019, 11 am.(Free admission)

Esbjerg Hovedbibliotek, Nørregade 19, Esbjerg

Hiking from Mandø.

Join us for a hike across the sea bed from Mandø to the mainland! We start by driving with the tractor bus from the Wadden Sea Centre to Mandø. From the small Wadden Sea Island we walk 8 km across the mudflats back to the mainland. On our way back from the island we take a look at the wildlife in Wadden Sea National Park. The guide will also tell you about the history of Mandø. At the mainland we will find a place to enjoy our packed lunches. Prices include transportation to Mandø, and soup, when we arrive at the Wadden Sea Centre..

Fri 1 March 2019, 3 pm.(Entrance fee: Voksen: 200,- / Børn: 125,-)

Vadehavscentret, Okholmvej 5, Vester Vedsted, Ribe

Wunderkammer I - special exhibition.

Sat 6 October 2018 to Sun 12 May 2019, 10 am - 4 pm.(Entrance fee: 60/40/0 DKK.)

Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Havnegade 20, Esbjerg

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